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Who doesn`t enjoy spending a bit of their day outside, inhaling the fresh air and resting whilst having a chat with their loved ones and enjoying tea, watching their young ones play with their toys, having a barbecue night on the porch, or having a friendly family game night out on the patio?

There are several activities you can think of performing in your outdoor area; however, one of the basic things you`ll require for any activity is suitable furniture that can survive in any kind of weather condition as well as make your outdoor area look amazing.

To get anything to enhance the beauty of the exterior portion of your house, bluu.com is the best online store to visit as it specializes in selling outdoor equipment, including furniture, garden supplies, umbrellas, kitchenware, etc.

 Outdoor Furniture

The outdoor furniture at bluu.com consists of lounge chairs, cool bar tables, and deck boxes which are a great buy as they are guaranteed to be made up of durable material which is also resistant to extreme weather conditions, especially during the summer.

The furniture is also designed to look as if it was made up of wood carvings, and hence this gives it a unique touch. Moreover, the deck and cool bar table have a great capacity, and the price is also quite reasonable.

Fire pits and Kitchen Appliances

One of the best ways to enjoy cold autumn and winter nights is by sitting around fire pits and socializing or singing with your loved ones. This is also one of the greatest ways to cherish the moments you guys spend together as well as strengthen your relationships.

Now the question arises where you can get a suitable fire pit from?

Well, bluu.com has the best gas fire pit tables you can easily set up in your backyards and have fun around it. The fire pits will help you guys keep your bodies warm and the time you spend with each around it will keep your hearts warm for each other.

Moreover, you can also set up a barbecue grill along with the fire pit and use the propane torches to burn up the fire pit and the barbecue grill together to have a family feast.

 Garden Supplies

Another great way to utilize the backyard space is by gardening plants over there.

You can hang different plants and set up flower stands or garden beds with various plants or even set up your backyard greenhouse with the help of the garden supplies available on bluu.com.

This will make your backyard and patio area pretty and help you discover new things and keep you occupied with the green creatures.

Umbrella Series

The outdoor umbrellas available at bluu.com are made up of different shapes and materials, each with a unique element.

The different types you`ll find on the website are:

  1. Maple pro and sequoia umbrellas

The maple pro as the name suggests is made up of maple trees and can provide shade to a 4-person table. It has great quality and is guaranteed to last for a long period.

The umbrella has multiple features to it which include tilting in 3 level techniques, having an aluminum frame that gives it resistance against sharp weather conditions, and a long-lasting color of the umbrella.

Other than the maple pro, the sequoia umbrella also has similar properties and much more to it as it has a bigger umbrella capacity and can provide shade to a larger group of individuals, moreover it also has a 6-level tilting ability.

  1. Redwood, oak, and banyan tree umbrella

The redwood, oak, and banyan tree umbrellas are all unique because of the material from which the panels are made.

The umbrellas available on bluu.com have an infinite tilting capability and a complete rotation mechanism. They can protect from 98%-99% of the harmful rays of the sun and are also lightweight which can make them easier to set up from one place to another.

  1. Accessories

The umbrella accessories on bluu.com mostly consist of bases for the different umbrellas, which can be changed as per the requirement. There are also bases with wheels which can be useful in transporting or in case you want to set up the umbrella at a different spot.

Another interesting thing available at the online store is Bluetooth led light for the umbrella,, which you can light up at sunset or at a pool party, giving an aesthetic touch to your patio.

Q. What more does bluu.com offer?

Bluu.com not only has reasonable prices for all of its items, but it also has discount codes and prices off of its selling items.

The store has most of its items on sale all around the year and is currently having a labour day sale due to which their items are 10-20% on reduced prices.

Moreover, they have a one-year warranty on their products and free shipping, making it an even better shopping experience for the customers.

Bluu.com is an online outdoor product store that not only focuses on outdoor furniture but specializes in fire pits, kitchenware as well as umbrellas.

They not only focus on the quality of their products but also keep the customers` benefits in mind as their products are durable as well as have reasonable prices and sales throughout the year.