Privacy Policy prestigious standing and name in the market entirely depend on the trust and faith that customers put on. Hence we design such a privacy policy that can protect our customer's best interest, and it will implement our customers for a sound shopping experience. The personal data or information you shared while from us will remain secured and safe. It will not leak or for making your reputation or self-esteem low. you shared all the personal information we highly respect them. Here we make a promise to our valuable customer, which will not be transferred or used to create any harmful or destructive image in the area you are residing or in your daily routine. Your wish list will also be kept with great confidentiality, and we make sure that it will not be delivered by the other. Only the shipment's name and address can be transfer to the third party that is courier or supplier for the delivery purpose.

Our policy includes all the steps from the time your order the products or services till you received the order, such as personal details, account number, money transfer. Suppose any mishaps happened or have been delayed in transferring the order. In that case, we guarantee you that your data can conserve that can be used to locate your residence—for example, your name, complete address, personal phone number, card, or debit card number.

Our site is a hub of many online shops, and we gather all the buyers and customers that provide different online shop descriptions, and the cost of the product is available on each product. We have a specific privacy policy for our international activity. However, the accountability pledge of our website is we developed a dedicated and trustable team that carry handle your personal information according to the privacy policy.

We recommended every customer to reed once the privacy policy one. All the information you give is only for the sake of your safety to deliver the order to your doorstep. Including the data mentioned above, we also collect your email address, age, date of birth, and internet activity to identify customers with driving license numbers. The App on the android play store and iPhone are free. Sometimes we need your biometric, education information, and gender confirmation. It also remains protected.

Your information is collected in two ways. First, the information you shared with us while creating the account. Secondly, when you visit through a computer, tablet, phone, and when you activate the cookies, it will provide you with a more enhanced experience.

There are others way also we receive the information such as your active shopping; we are here very responsible for our customer's issues and problems. If you face any problem in shipment or having and delivery problems, our customer will answer it shortly.

Posting a comment or sharing reviews on the site will be viewed by all customers or people who view the site and boost to We encourage you to participate in contest give away when you engage in these activates. We know you differently, and you can provide your name, address, email id, and zip code