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Travel Across United Kingdom With John Fowler Holidays


Whether you prefer to spend your summer relaxing by the sea or participating in action packed activities, more and more people are choosing to spend their vacations in the United Kingdom. After all, why travel all that way when there`s so much right outside your door? The United Kingdom has a plethora of genuinely incredible attractions to enjoy. Suppose you`re looking for exciting things to see and do during your next vacation. In that case, this land has everything from iconic landmarks and world class museums to fantastic family attractions and stunning gardens. They also have plenty of beaches some of which are among the best you`ll ever see. Whether you prefer a sandy stretch of sand near a seafront café, a pebbled paradise ideal for rock pooling, or some exhilarating surfing spots, the UK has it all. If you still need convincing to spend your summer vacation at home, consider the following factors.


Less Travel


Forget about spending hours on a plane or in an airport with a UK vacation, you`ll only have to travel a few hours to reach your destination. This means spending more time enjoying your vacation and less worrying about missing your flight or sitting on a crowded plane. If you`re driving, you can also stop whenever you want and do some sightseeing along the way.


Beautiful Country Sides


The United Kingdom is an excellent vacation destination. There`s something for everyone, whether you like country walks, more challenging hikes, or adrenaline pumping activities like climbing and zip lining. Few places are as diverse as the British countryside, from the spectacular glens of Scotland to the Cotswold`s rolling hills and thatched cottages. Is anything more relaxing than sitting in a pub garden and enjoying the scenery?


More Environmentally Friendly Option


People supplement vacations abroad with local staycations as they become more aware of their personal choices` impact on greenhouse gas emissions and our climate. Because flying is a highly polluting activity, taking eco friendly holidays in the UK rather than overseas occasionally is an excellent way to reduce our negative impact on the natural world.


Coastal Areas


If life on the open waves is more your style, there are miles and miles of spectacular coastline to explore. After all, the United Kingdom is an island. There are numerous places to visit, ranging from the turquoise waters of Cornwall to the unspoiled bays of Wales, all the way back to the fossil rich Jurassic Coast of Dorset and Devon. A day at the beach can include anything from fishing to surfing, building sandcastles, or simply relaxing with ice cream.


Opportunity To Save Money


A UK vacation is significantly less expensive. There are no transfers, mobile roaming fees, flights, or visas. That means you can save money and use it for fun while away.


Simpler With Children


Going on vacation with a child can be difficult. By staying in the UK, you can cut down on travel time and even take frequent breaks along the way to make things easier. You also don`t have to worry about a baggage allowance, so you can bring high chairs, baby carriers, and anything else to make your stay a little easier.


You don`t need your passport or any other documentation. Forget about stacks of paper, ensuring your ticket is current, and worrying about visas and insurance. Most of the documents you`ll need for a UK vacation, such as your driving license, are those you already have. It makes visiting new and exciting places as simple as popping into town.


Welcome to bring your pets


We understand how difficult it can be to leave your pets in a kennel while on vacation. Fortunately, your dog will enjoy hundreds of beautiful locations in the UK just as much as you do. There are dozens of dog friendly holidays, ranging from Norfolk`s dog friendly beaches to the many walks of the Lake District.


Language is not a problem


While traveling abroad can be exciting, navigating the language barrier can be difficult in some places, making it difficult to find what you need and get where you want to go. Another advantage of staying in the UK is that language does not impede your enjoyment the most you may have to deal with is a thick local accent or two. Furthermore, because you will be in the UK, you will be much more familiar with the lay of the land, making independence on your vacation much more accessible. If you enjoy learning a new language, you can always try your hand at some local dialect of your UK location.


Are you persuaded? If so, visit John Fowler Holidays to book your UK vacation immediately. Whether you`re looking for a romantic getaway or a family vacation, you will find something that meets your requirements.