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Become An Affiliate with Skimlinks


We all have to pay bills; while some of us are privileged not ever to be bothered by it, most of us have to start working and budgeting at an early age to meet the requirement for money for our necessities at an early age. We start exploring different earning and revenue streams to support our monthly income and become financially sustainable. 

As the world is changing day by day, so has its earning method; who would have thought 50 years from now that earning through a published video on a social platform would bring in such an amount of cash that you will sustain yourself. But as the times progressed, many earning methods that were just a fragment of imagination back then became a reality now.

We will be sharing with you today one of those revenue-generating methods that can help you get the financial sustainability most of us crave. 

If you want to learn how to make money using websites and content, affiliate marketing is the way to go. But,

What is affiliate marketing? 

Most of the Gurus in this field or particular scope of work has defined it as a medium of earning profits or revenue by promoting other people`s or company`s products. A product catches your eye; you encourage it through websites or blogs and make a piece of their revenue for every product sold through using your link.

There are usually four different parties involved in the process of affiliate marketing.

The seller, the network, the publisher, and the customer. We will be briefly discussing all four parties in today`s article. However, in affiliate marketing you should only consider the two parties, the merchandiser or the creator and affiliate marketing program. Hence affiliate marketing can also be seen as the marketing of the creators or merchandiser`s products through different strategies and mediums while earning a revenue ratio according to one`s contribution.

The Merchandiser or Creator

Merchandising includes everything you do in order to make sure you make the sale, it includes from creating banners, production, supply to making it as easy as possible for the customer to make the payment. When we talk about merchandising we are talking about products available for sale conventionally in a retail type setting.

Hiring virtual merchandisers is what small and big businesses do nowadays. To increase their brand awareness, kick their visuals and user interface up a notch on various social platforms and in doing so the “virtual merchandiser” ends up increasing their organic sales. Proving the point that the cost is well worth it. The output of good merchandising should yield.

  • More sales

  • Increase in inventory turnover.

  • More user interaction, hence the time spent on the site.

  • Growth in the number of satisfied customers

  • Enhanced customer loyalty.

The Affiliate:

This partner is also called the publisher or the network, and it ranges from single individuals to entire companies. Affiliate marketing companies can produce from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars depending upon the strategy.

This is the real den for marketing, and this is where marketing takes place. An affiliate can boost one or multiple products on their website as long as it follows the regulation of the network from which they get their approval for their products. It is their job to make the sale, make sure the customer ends up buying the product, and secure their commission from the merchandiser. An affiliate can do that by comparing various products on their blogs or by using different SEO strategies and great content are all the areas the fellow can work on to increase the sales through their website.

The Network

The network is the critical component in building any affiliate company or business. None of this can work without the affiliate network, making it one of the most critical components for an affiliate. Many affiliate marketers might not consider networks an integral part of the equation, but it is as essential as it can get because many stores rely on the network for their paid promotions. Hence, Networks act as the mediator between the merchants and the affiliates. You can always reach out to the stores directly, but the probability of convincing them to let them advertise for you is different. But with networks, the case is entirely different as it is part of their job to find the best of the best affiliates for the stores they are in affiliation with. This takes us to the question, which network the affiliate should opt for.

Whilst there are many networks out there providing various stores and commission rates, skimlinks a connexity company, seems to stand out among them with over 60000 publishers and 48500 merchants on their platform from around the world.

Why is Skimlink the best ?

From Merchant`s Perspective:

It is said to be the industry`s undisputed leader when it comes to the connectivity or mediation between affiliates and brands by seeing over 2.5 million dollars worth of transactions through their network every day. They are very flexible with the type of market and merchants they work with making it easy for everyone to become a part of their vast network and benefit from thousands of stores.

From Publishers Perspective:

Publishers through Skimlink get access to over 48000 merchants, which can be a massive opportunity for them to rise from the ground and build an affiliate empire of their own. With that, you also get a wide range of tools to use from their platform to assist your outcome better and predict the trends.

Nonetheless, Skimlink comes with all the perks that an affiliate mediator company should have and can be really beneficial for the newcomers and the old bugs in the market to benefit from more information visit the platform itself. Take the cap off your imagination and explore 1000`s of possibilities that one can achieve using it.