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Valentines Day Marketing Strategies You Need


The day of love is the day you share your affection with your significant other or maybe anyone who means the world to you. On the 14th of February, it is the perfect time to explain to so many people that you appreciate them and why. They can be anyone from friends to siblings, parent`s kids, or pets? However, it is also a golden day for the marketing industry to shine like they are on those black Friday and Christmas events.

If you think you have just got done with the winter sales and need not get into gear, you will lose a lot. It`s already time to get the preparations started for the next one. Valentines` day is also counted as one of the biggest shopping holidays of the year as we all have someone to admire. Your marketing team needs to capture some attention and put up with people who would love to spend on this romantic holiday.

Valentine Day Shopping Games

We all are well aware that shopping for Valentine`s day is no joke. Ditching the usual gift ideas of flower bouquets and chocolates as gifts, there are other creative ways one can design a thoughtful gift. You can design a personalized gift that can stir up the magic.

Any holiday associated with shopping is a great opportunity for the e-commerce business. Valentine`s day as well is no exception. People are ready to spend a dime on Valentine`s gifts and celebrations to please their loved ones. If you sell anything that can make up to the mark, you should be working hard to make your website work extra this February.

Let`s learn some ways to make your eCommerce website worthy for the month of love.

Highlight Products That Can Be Gift-Worthy

Research and analyze the products worth offering as a good gift on this special day. Create and highlight the items that can be put forward as a good gift for your loved ones. By adding choices, you are making it easier for someone who might be struggling to decide what to get. You can make sub divisions on your website like Valentine`s day gifts for him/her, pets, parents, or even for yourself. People who focus on their wellbeing or practice self-care often are more likely to show affection to themselves more, and why not.

Add Bundles To Spice Up The Game

Bundles are always the top preference for an individual to shop as a gift, as it offers variety and a good gift that doesn`t look cheap. So, if you pack multiple items together and offer a good gift bundle, there are more chances to get better sales than usual. Take a genuine look at all the products you have to offer and list all the items that can be combined, making them better. Also, do not forget to add these items to the list to highlight the items available on the website.

Offer them a valentine`s day special. Adding a pinch of pink or heart confetti would make it a great deal. Promote your Valentine`s day special bundles on your homepage.

Offer Minimum Shipping Rates And Time

On such seasonal events, people prefer websites or markets that offer last minute delivery options. The most time anyone can take to place their order is when they are unsure about the delivery timing. The easiest way to get through this matter is to assure your clients of the delivery time and offer them the cheapest delivery rates. You can promote this feature by adding a countdown of how much time they have left to buy the gifts to get them before the big day.

Wrap It Up

 if you can afford it, you may also offer free or affordable gift-wrapping options on your website. It is always a plus to receive products already wrapped and ready to gift. You are helping them by removing one more burden off of them. Gift wrapping can help you earn some serious business and make the product more likely to be bought. People usually prefer items that are ready to be gifted than getting into different hustles.

Valentine`s day is not all about chocolates and flowers anymore, and it requires effort and care. If your brand represents any of these things, it can make the most of this seasonal marketing event. You can use Valentine`s day for the success of your brand, offering them romance self-care and creating an image that can help you in the future. Valentines` day will mean different to every individual. You should think about what your audience is all about, introduce meaningful options, and create your marketing campaign according to it. Keeping in mind the latest trend and working up to the mark, your brand is more likely to get more authentic clients in seasonal sales than in any other month of the year.