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The best place to get a wallet for your pocket


Every person needs a small pouch called a `wallet` to manage their stuff on the go. This slim, flat, pocket-sized case not only is a great place to put your travel documents, business cards, personal items, and money but is also great equipment to keep you organized.

However, not all wallets perform the job of keeping everything safe and secure because of various reasons which makes shopping wallets a difficult task.

The properties of a good wallet are its multiple compartments, firm structure, its durability, and cool design.

Ekster is an online store started by Olivier and Rick who had the concept of wallets of the 21st century in mind. The store apart from wallets sells other important travel gear based on the customers` demands and requirements. Their products are of high quality and have been gaining appreciation from the customers on a huge scale.

The details of products sold on Ekster are given below:


One of the highly recognized products of Ekster is its wallets. The design and material of the wallets are one of the main reasons which make them fabulous. You can even choose your wallet from a variety of options including a parliament wallet, senate cardholder, aluminum and carbon cardholder, and the plain old modular bifold wallet.  

Another great thing about the wallets is that they have a lot of room and can hold a maximum of 12 to 15 cards as well you can even compare different wallets on the website to make sure which one is the best for you,

Apart from this, there are also a lot of color choices for every kind of wallet which gives them a plus point.

        Bags and cases:

Apart from wallets, they also specialize in producing cases for devices such as laptops and tablets.

Presently, Ekster has designed only one bag called the weekender which is suitable for any kind of trip be it a camping trip or an overseas one. The bag has a lot of features that distinguish it from other bags, which include the shoe compartment, waterproof ability, and huge storage capacity.

Other than the weekender, the laptop and tablet cases are also designed with incredible features which include a protective case, room for storage of other things, and a magnetic closure.

        Phone cases:

Apart from the gadget cases above, the online wallet and accessories store also specializes in manufacturing iPhone 11 and 12 cases.

Not only the phone case is great for protection but it also has additional features which make it stand out.

These additional features make the phone case a multi-purpose object which includes the presence of detachable magnets and compartments which can easily make the simple phone case work in the same way as a wallet.


The accessories at Ekster are equally as incredible as the cases and wallets.

These include key holders, gift bags, key trackers, tracker cards, and cash clips.

The key tracker and tracker card are also really useful in case you have lost your wallet, keys, or bags. Through the alarm system of the tracker, you can easily find your stuff.

Q. What makes Ekster stand out?

The quality of items sold on Ekster is top-notch. They have a policy of working with sustainable, durable, and reliable materials for their products.

Their team is also trying to play an active part in environmental sustainability by producing the leather for the wallets from recycled material. They also aim to use renewable resources in the near future to make the Earth a better place.

Apart from this, their products give a graceful and modern touch to their user`s look and the unique design is attention-grabbing. It also has satisfied hundreds of customers in the past and its popularity seems to be increasing even more.

Moreover, Ekster has its products on sale on different occasions throughout the year and currently, it also has its product at a discount of 20% website wide.

The website even has an offer of a value bundle for Mother`s day which includes some of the premium products. The best thing about the package is that it is pocket-friendly as well.

Bottom line

This online wallet store has a motto of producing high-quality and durable goods which is supposedly good-looking and handy as well. They tend to give a modern touch to their products. The products at Ekster consist of a wide range of wallets, cases, and accessories to choose from and those too with different choices of colors.

Their products are not only durable but are also environmentally friendly which makes it comparatively a better place to shop from.

Apart from this, they also sell their goods on discount occasionally and the price of all the products on the website is quite reasonable.

So, whenever you need a wallet for your pocket, get it from Ekster.