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Let your inner Diva Bloom with Bloomchic


Over the decades, the beauty standards in the fashion industry have been confined to slim and slender people, which leaves a plus-sized person with little to no options to choose from. This leads to plus-sized women wearing either stitched clothes or incredibly dull and unattractive clothes.


To break this trend and turn the dreams of all plus-sized fashionistas into reality, Bloomchic has introduced a line of clothes ranging from daily tops and trousers to chic and sleek dresses for formal occasions in sizes 10-30. All of these clothes have been designed keeping in mind the beautiful curves of women and are guaranteed to make you fall in love with yourself.


The different clothing products you can find on Bloomchic are listed below:




The worst nightmare for any plus-sized woman is having overly stretched or highly tight tops and shirts, which usually happens. As a result, plus-sized tops often tend to lose their charm pretty quickly. However, the tops for women at this store are trendy, fit perfectly, and will make you instantly fall in love with your figure.


They are designed with comfortable yet exquisite material and have different color options. You can even get them in the form of blouses or with different neck and sleeve styles that are suitable for you to wear at home, at work, or on any special occasion.


In addition to these, they have also presented their winter tops line, which includes knitted sweaters and cardigans, which are stylish just like their other pieces.


Bottom wear


For plus-sized women, getting comfortable, fashionable, and exquisite trousers and skirts is also a task. Most of the time, you picture yourself looking fabulous; however, your trousers just don’t show off your curves in the right places.


The bottom wear at Bloomchic has many subcategories, including pants, shorts, leggings, and stunning skirts.


The material of their pants is pretty stretchable and doesn’t make you feel uneasy in them, and you can even get them in various colors and styles, running from evergreen skinny jeans to straight office trousers.


Furthermore, the skirts at the clothing store are just as stylish as the pants. You can find stripped designed skirts, slit, pleated, ruffled, and many more in different shades and colors.




Dresses are an essential part of a woman’s wardrobe. You can style and wear them for different occasions, whether at a family gathering, a picnic, or a formal event. Bloomchic has all the styles you can imagine when it comes to dresses.


They are further categorized according to the pattern, length, and shape that you would prefer for easy selection. You can get dresses with minor delicate lace detailing, simple and plain designs, flowy dresses, or ones having pockets in them.




Apart from the basic wardrobe wear, they also have additional clothing on their website, mainly consisting of coats, jackets, and blazers.


Coats are an essential part of any wardrobe, just like the previous clothes and play a significant role in enhancing any look. For example, you can wear coats on a chilly day to protect yourself from the cold or even wear it to make yourself look classy while pairing them with an old set of pants and tops. Besides this, blazers can also be worn to a formal event, office, or school and make you look graceful.


The details of buttons and the flaps and collars of the coats at this brand are eye-catching, and the options of colors and patterns you can get on the website are also plenty, making shopping from it a great experience.


The Halloween Line


With the Halloween season coming up, bloomchic has also introduced the Halloween line featuring different costumes for different themes. For example, you can dress up as a witch, a fairy, or a fictional character. The options are unlimited; you can style yourself creatively and enjoy the holiday in full swing. Just like their previous clothing items, they have paid great attention to the details of necklines and sleeves, etc. moreover, there are plenty of choices for you to choose your Halloween costume from.


Other than this, you can also get matching accessories from the website, which includes different necklaces, earrings and face masks matching the theme of your Halloween costume and giving a look an additional component.


To make shopping online an amazing experience for plus-sized women, bloomchic is one of the best websites to shop from. It not only has a variety of tops, dresses, and bottoms but also has products featuring upcoming holidays.


The prices of the clothes at this store are reasonable, and their sales and discounts are customer friendly. Moreover, the material of cloth that they use is comfortable, trendy, and chic too.