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Create A new perspective of Moments with Movavi


Movavi provides a wide range of multimedia programs that allow you to enjoy your videos, music, and photos on any platform and device. We create simple-to-use software that motivates people to edit, improve, and share their content.


It has grown from a small group of enthusiasts to an international company with over 400 employees since its inception in 2004. Our ever-expanding product line is sold in over 200 countries.


For over 15 years, it has made multimedia life easier. Our mission is to provide users with the tools they need to complete any multimedia task using our mobile, desktop, and online apps. We want to create an environment where people worldwide can enjoy and save time working with video, audio, and image files.


How to use it? 


You`ll see a helpful dialogue box with quick instructions if you`re running the program for the first time. The design style differs from the rest of the program, but the information is still quite useful - especially if you`ve never used a video/movie editor before.

If you read the step-by-step guide, you`ll find a walkthrough page that walks you through the process of creating your first video in simple and clear steps. From there, you can explore the rest of the `How-tos` section, which includes guides for everything from creating 4K videos to restoring old video tapes to creating stop-motion animations.


After you`ve sorted through all of that, you`ll be taken to the main interface.


Importing media 


Importing media is the first step in any video project, and it`s extremely simple in this Video Editor.


If you`re only working with a few files, this won`t be a problem, but if you`re making something more complex, you`ll have to either add them one at a time as you need them or add them all at once and sort through the resulting mess using the timeline.


It`s also simple to record video directly within the program with a compatible device like a webcam or a connected camcorder.


Video Editing 


Editing the videos you`ve imported is simple, but there are some limitations. The video editing tools are located directly above the timeline.

The editing tools are straightforward to use.



Using Effects 


This Video Editor includes an impressive set of transitions, filters, and other effects, but there is currently no way to expand the program`s options beyond what is included. Clicking the `Want More?` icon takes you to a page without information about the upcoming Movavi Effects Store.

Applying any of these effects is as simple as dragging and dropping them onto the desired clip in the timeline section or by right-clicking and selecting `Apply to All Clips.`


The program also has a relatively standard set of titles and callout overlays (arrows, circles, speech bubbles, etc.).


Additional Editing Software 


Color adjustments, slow motion, image stabilization, and chroma keying (also known as "green-screening") are all useful extra video tools. Last but not least, an equalizer, normalization, beat detection, noise cancellation, and various audio distortion effects are available for editing your project`s audio. You can also record a voiceover from within the program, which is helpful for tutorial creators or any other situation where you want to add some commentary.


Exporting and sharing 


When you get to the export screen, you have many options for preparing your videos. Unfortunately, there isn`t quite as much control over your export settings as other programs offer. Still, there aren`t many situations where changing the bitrate and different highly technical settings is actually useful.


Wizard of slideshows.


A Slideshow wizard is also included in Editor for quickly creating animated slideshow videos. It is possible to do this in `Full Feature Mode,` but if you make slideshows frequently, this is a quick and easy way to set everything up with the least amount of effort.


With a few clicks, you can import as many photos as you want, select a set of transitions to use between slides, and add music for added atmosphere.


Is it appropriate for beginners?


JP also tested this Video Editor for Mac, which proved to be safe. During the app`s installation, Apple`s built-in macOS anti-malware protection detected no threats. JP also ran Drive Genius for a quick scan, which revealed that the program was malware-free.


Is it safe to use it?


The program is risk-free. The installer file and the installed program files pass Microsoft Security Essentials and Malwarebytes security checks, and no adware or third-party software is installed.


JP also tested this Video Editor for Mac, which proved safe. During the app`s installation, Apple`s built-in macOS anti-malware protection detected no threats. JP also ran Drive Genius for a quick scan, which revealed that the program was malware-free.


Is this Video Editor available for free?


No, it is not free software, but it does offer a limited free trial. The free trial period lasts 7 days, and any video output is watermarked with a `Trial` image, and any audio-only projects are saved at half-length.


Bottom Line


This Video Editor is a simple, easy-to-use, and easy-to-learn video editing software for casual users who want to quickly create videos for the web or share them with friends and family. It isn`t designed for professional video work but provides a solid set of features that result in a great final product.

With the Movavi Effects Store, the company is working on expanding its features and the range of content available for it in the future, so the lifetime license you receive when purchasing is well worth the small price tag.