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Cloudways A Convenient Option for Website Hosting


In any business, a website is required for it to run, for its marketing and selling of products and items, but none of this is possible without activating the website hosting program.


Website hosting is required for your website to be accessible worldwide to all viewers and maintain the statistics and files related to your website.


As much as website hosting is necessary for any website, initiating it is a bit of a hassle. To make life easier for website designers, cloudways is the best option to go for website hosting.


Cloudways has several websites hosting programs for users to opt for according to their requirements. It has supported more than 70000 websites and online businesses, including Google Cloud and DigitalOcean, and has been operating in more than 20 countries.

Here are some specialities of cloudways through which one can benefit and make their online businesses and websites accomplished:


Features and plans


The cloudways website takes care of its user`s flexibility and eases to set up any website hosting program. Their motto is to set up a fast-working, affordable, easy-to-use, and secure program for all the websites they host.


The online store has three kinds of plans: standard, advanced, and premium.


All the plans include 24/7 support from the store, which can be useful in opting for the best plan for any website. In a standard plan, all the basic commodities are provided to the website owners however, if a website host requires upgrading of their websites, then advanced and premium plans are the best options to go for as they include add-ons as well as fast services.


The plans on the website include WordPress hosting, SSD-based hosting, PHP servers, and many more.


The prices of each plan are very affordable, and the basic plan starts from $12/month with a free trial. 




Websites that want to get affiliated with cloudways have great offers for them and encourage them to work jointly with them, especially with freelancers, bloggers, marketing agencies, and developers.


The online venture even has great deals for their affiliated partners in-store with high commissions which start from $50 per sale and a minimum of $250 per 5 customers. Another great thing about cloudways affiliation programs is that they provide the option to get switch plans from slabs or custom plans at any time.


Apart from this, the affiliate programs are also beneficial for life support as they offer lifetime recurring support models for the well-being of their affiliate partners.


Cloudways company information and blogs


The online website hosting company initiated its project to support developers, make their lives easier, and get their website at the top of the search bar.


Cloudways hires individuals looking to work for the company in a great and professional environment. They also have helplines where one can ask questions about the work to be done and get assisted.  


It even has different blog posts on different hosting programs so that it is easier for its customers to choose their required programs and differentiate between different hosting programs. These blog posts are also very informative and a great way for developers to know more about different website hosting.  


Learning with cloudways


For beginner-level developers and people who know less about website hosting and development, cloudways has made it easier to make your website successful. They provide step-by-step guides in ebooks or zoom meetings so that websites working with them can excel and their businesses may flourish.


Apart from the ebooks and zoom meetings, cloudways also have guideline videos made by well-known and successful website creators and operators to share their success stories, motivate other developers and encourage them to work similarly to themselves.


Bottom line


To initiate the launch of any online store or website, website hosting is a crucial step that cloudways has made easier for its users with the convenient options and the number of plans they offer.

Their online support is also a great measure for users to get help before going for any hosting plan. Apart from this, their hosting plans are fairly priced and have free trials with additional features and add-ons.


Another thing that is great about them is that they also offer affiliated programs for websites with high commissions and lifetime advantages. The websites such as amazon and cerebrum are some successful businesses working with them and making great profits. 

Cloudways is also advantageous for getting educated about different hosting programs if you are a rookie in the field. You can learn a lot and even work for the online company through its website in the future.