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Commission junction is the most trusted name in affiliate marketing, with more than 20 years of involvement. It was being established in Santa Barbara, California in 1998, it has been enthusiastic about driving wise development for customers.

Situated in over 14 workplaces around the world, representatives are devoted to conveying creative arrangements and procedures intended to drive huge outcomes. It burrows profound and handles the intense query for customers.

Commission Junction was established in 1998 as Commission Junction before being procured by ValueClick in 2003. It was then rebranded to "CJ Affiliate by Conversant" in 2014. Many affiliate marketers, actually call them CJ. CJ was the best subsidiary organization on the planet at one phase.




CJ saves things overall quite basic for NEW AFFILIATE – you`re either a `Promoter` or a `Distributer`, so there`s no space for disarray. In the first place, you need to give some essential contact data, which at that point triggers an affirmation email. Snap-on the connection in that email to get to the following stage where you enter some fundamental installment details and pick a password. You need to add some data about your organization and then a few insights regarding your site or blog. CJ asks the number of extraordinary guests your site gets each month; however, they have a "Not Launched Yet" choice. The CJ Affiliate by Conversant application measure is easy and less convoluted than some other different organizations.




To begin you click on `Sponsors` from the top menu and you would then be able to run snappy looks for programs either by watchword or the publicist`s name. This functions admirably for general inquiries, yet your specialty is explicit, so the projects you`re searching for will mirror that.

You can look by classes:

  • Publicist type.
  • Sponsor status.
  • Useful territory.
  • Language.
  • Sponsor`s Country.
  • Geographic Source.
  • Cash.

Discovering programs is simple enough once you search by classification, however, you`ll need to discover programs that compensate fairly and have measurements to demonstrate it for example their EPC. You can channel every program on CJ by:

  • 7 day EPC.  
  • 3 month EPC.
  • Network Earnings.

CJ makes finding productive projects so natural and easy.




The standard method of making links has stayed essentially something similar – you click on `links` and afterward `Search`. Pick your promoter and survey the creative on offer. 

Their spotlight is so vigorously on portable improved offers that it pushes the sorts of links you can take down off the primary menu.

CJ offers two slick extra connection creation apparatuses. The `Profound connection generator` is the normal bookmark for your program, permitting you to link to a particular page of a joined affiliate program.

The `Page-based Link" instrument: With this, you introduce a solitary connection of JavaScript onto your site, and afterward, every connection you make can be only a regular URL with no associate tacky on bits. You get credited for all deals.

You can also make item gadgets for your site. This allows you to make a slideshow, montage, or framework including items from any affiliate program you`ve joined.

Lastly, we need to refer to `Arrangements` which is the place where you can set out open doors for publicists to "purchase" publicizing space on your website. CJ is still well on the ball as far as development.




Affiliate commissions are paid on a net 30 premise, so you`ll get installment for your references about 30 days after the buy happens. Installments are planned for the twentieth of every month for bolted commissions procured, and it`s then an instance of sitting tight for your check or direct store to appear. You can decide to get an installment through a check or direct store. You can be paid into a Payoneer account through `CJ International Payments`. Affiliates should produce at any rate USD50 in commissions before they can get an installment.




Having enormous brands on their books was consistently where CJ kicked the opposition to the check previously. Here`s a speedy examination of the types of brands you can apply to address through CJ.

  • Barnes and Noble.
  • Verizon.
  • Travelocity.
  • Zappos.
  • Overstock many more.







  • You get some genuinely huge brand names to promote.
  • Straightforward and natural interface.
  • CJ associates appreciate a wide choice of connection creation instruments.
  • You can "sell" advertisement position space on your site.
  • They pay as expected every month.
  • One of the most established associate organizations out there.




  • Their associate program separating framework is wrong.
  • It very well may be hard to track down projects to coordinate with specific specialties.
  • They`re not, at this point the predominant power they were.