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5 protein-packed healthy meals to kick start your day


As the saying goes, `Breakfast is the most important meal of the day`.

Well, breakfast gives you energy to kick-start your day and help your body perform well. According to the research, breakfast boosts your metabolism and improves physical as well as mental health. It is important to make sure you consume healthy meals like grains, protein, vitamins, fruits or vegetables in the morning. A healthy morning meal can keep you energized throughout the day. If you are working out, do not think skipping breakfast will help you shed weight. That is a mistake! Pre-workout and post-workout meals are very significant for your body`s overall nourishment. Consuming the right meals which are high in fiber or protein can help with muscle building.

If you are wondering what to eat in order maintain a healthy diet, luckily, we have got the answer! So, folks, Foodspring is in the house! Founded in 2013, Foodspring has been a leading innovator in developing healthy nutrition for fitness-enthusiastic people. Let`s take a look at some of the most recommended products from the store to begin your day with.

1.    Crunchy Protein Cream

A hazelnut spread containing whey protein, hazelnut pieces and coconut flakes. It could be a great breakfast option for sweet-toothed people who prioritize a healthy lifestyle. This cream has 85% less sugar and 100% more protein with zero palm oil. It could be a great addition to your breakfast recipes or also be consumed straight from the jar. In each bite, your taste buds will enjoy satisfying crunch of real hazelnut pieces and creamy coconut.

2.    Protein Bar Extra Choco 12-Mix Pack

Protein bars serve as a good source of breakfast snack as they are high in protein, fiber and essential minerals. Foodspring`s Protein Bar Extra Choco 12-Mix Pack is a perfect blend of milk or white chocolate pumped up with a low-calorie sweetener, plus peanuts, almonds, cashews, or coconut. 90% less sugar and up to 8 times more protein makes it a winner snack for muscle builders. The box contains a total of 12 bars in 5 delicious flavors: crunchy peanut, double chocolate cashew, soft caramel, white chocolate almond and crispy coconut.

3.    Coconut oil

The coconut oil may not be consumed directly as a meal but is ideal to be used for cooking, frying and baking purposes. The oil is famous for its numerous health benefits including fat burning, fast metabolism, improved skin and hair health. This 320 grams organic coconut oil could not only be used for baking and frying, but also for good skin and haircare. A teaspoon or just a pinch of oil adds a nice aroma to the dishes, especially salads or Asian cuisine.

4.    Protein muesli

As per experts, 15 to 30 grams of protein at breakfast is an ideal way to balance energy levels during the day. If you are bored with a routine breakfast, this muesli is an amazing idea to try with healthy recipes throughout the week. Its each serving contains 16.9 grams of protein and essential nutrients that your body needs. The cereal contains rich amount of flake soy, crunchy nuts and seeds, and delicately sweet berries to make your breakfast a healthy fit. It can be mixed with a wide range of recipes to please your taste buds after every meal.

5.    Protein Pasta

Craving for a yummy pasta but scared of gaining carbs? No worries! Foodspring has got this super healthy protein pasta featuring 66% less carbs and 4 times more protein than normal pasta. The website also offers a lot of appetizing pasta recipes to meet your daily protein needs. It is not just a traditional pasta but a healthy way to treat yourself with a yummilicious meal. So, grab a fork and just dig in!

Final Verdict

A good, well-balanced meal provides enough energy to meet your daily nutrients need. You may also add fresh fruits, meat and raw vegetables to enhance long-term health benefits. However, if you are an athlete or perform work-out on daily basis, your diet should contain sufficient amount of protein, fiber and vitamins which can be covered through regular intake of healthy protein-rich meals.

Overall, it is recommended to consult a physician or doctor first before starting any new food supplement to avoid risk of food allergy or sensitivity.