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A Reliable Affiliate Network Rakuten Linkshare


Setting up an affiliate marketing platform, website, or blog post may seem like a daunting and overwhelming task, especially when it comes down to selecting a network. During the early stage of the business, It might seem like that every network onboard is a good network. But, later down the road, you might regret signing off on every opportunity you got to bring a network onboard. As an affiliate, it is your responsibility to make sure that you only promote products that you actually stand behind.

You need to understand the consumer dynamics to be an excellent affiliate for the merchant and the network. Before narrowing down the network for your platform, make sure to ask yourself these three key questions.

  • Is the product worth it? Is it value for money?

  • Will I use it if I was not endorsing it

  • Will this be valuable to my audience.

A good endorsing platform is built by keeping in mind the audience`s purchasing power it has built itself around. The targeted audience will only purchase products if they trust and rely on your promotion. Backing cheap and low-quality products will not only harm your goodwill but will result in less customer retention rate in the long run. Eventually, making it difficult for you to construct your affiliate network and no amount of money is worth losing your audience`s trust.

Rakuten, one of the leading affiliate networks from the USA, has been around for over 20 years now. It delivers its affiliates an exceptional amount of knowledge and insides based on the actual data collected from the merchants that can better help predict trends and future activities. Affiliate marketing is all about strategies, and with Rakuten insides, you can always be on top of other competitors in the field. If you are looking to identify better opportunities and understand how the US market and its dynamics work as an affiliate, you should start with Rakuten.

For Publishers

Rakuten has won several awards for its better relationships with its publishers. The network promises to deliver you fast and efficient methods to monetize your digital content and how to enhance the user interface on the available platforms. With Rakuten, the only thing stopping their publishers from connecting with the global brands is the affiliate`s imagination.

The diversity Rakuten offers its promoters is phenomenal, from finance to the fashion industry. If your site is not niche-based and mainly works on generalized products Rakuten can help you settle in and stay ahead in the competition.

A relationship manager is assigned to each publisher to look after its digital and content strategies and guide them along the way to enhance their profits. 

At Rakuten you not only get a good amount of merchants from various platforms, but it also provides you transparency in modes of payment, so the trust level stays intact.

For merchants

Not everyone gets to be the publisher at rakuten. Promoters have to apply and go through a strict vetting process before getting approval for each program. This means that your product is being promoted by the people the network deems fit and can surely increase your product sales. At rakuten, they have a devoted group of people who independently check each associate before they are permitted to join the organization to guarantee our distributor base`s nature and the accomplices you can work with. 

Vetting the individuals and publishers by yourself requires time and energy. Finding the right associate for your brand to be associated with is a tough job. Promoting on an affiliate network guarantees your program is noticeable to a scope of appropriate distributors without any additional marketing cost. Affiliate organizations additionally have a massive catalog of dynamic distributors, crossing a range of businesses. Each distributor has its own remarkable encounters and abilities, which you can take advantage of and advantage from.

Final Thoughts:

We have talked about the pros for both publishers and merchants on the Rakuten network and how it helps achieve two of these critical components of affiliate marketing their goals. It certainly is a leading affiliate market platform. And when it comes to affiliate marketing, both parties mutually benefit from the transactions. With enough dedication, both the parties involved can turn zeros to hundreds or even thousands of dollars if done rightly. However, just like every other work field, there might be some downside and some networks better Rakuten. As we mentioned earlier, picking the right network depends on your niche. Before starting an affiliate program, one should spend a considerable amount of time deciding their website`s niche.