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4th July - The Day America Came Into Existence


The Independence Day of America, 4th July, is the ritual that takes all the dates back to 4th July 1776. It purported the day when the Declaration of Independence took place, separating America from Great Britain. 

Celebration 4th July is the ultimate way to show your admiration for America. Still, it is also the best occasion to increase love with your loved ones, spend some quality time with your kids, and make relations stronger by giving gifts. 


Growing up, we had heard that the 4th of July was the day when founding personalities signed the Declaration of Independence, well, but that is not technically true. Though the Declaration was endured on 4th July 1776, it took more than one month to be signed by many people. Sounds interesting? Do you want to go through some more fun facts about 4th July? Let`s take a ride to it.


• In July 1776, the population in the nation was around 2.5 Million. But today, we have a population of around 332.9 million people who are living in the US. 


• The Star Spangled Banner became the national anthem, almost after 17 years when it was written.


• James Monroe, Thomas Jefferson, and John Adams, the three presidents of the US who died on the date of 4th July.


• More than $1.2 billion is spent on fireworks every year. The famous Macy`s firework show took more than 8000 hours to prepare, used almost 76,000 shells, and cost roughly $6m million.


• Almost 16000 fireworks displays are held all around the nation on Independence Day.


• Calvin Coolidge was born on 4th July, which also helped him in presidential campaigns.


• The people of America on the 4th of July eat almost 150 million hotdogs. The number of hotdogs, if lined up, could be able to extend from DC to LA.


• 4th of July is not only honoured in America as National Day but also in the Philippines as they officially gained Independence from the US by signing the Treaty of Manila.


• The Liberty bell has not rung since 1846 due to cracked appeared on Washington`s birthday.


Now, apart from facts, let`s take a look at how can you celebrate the day in your home? There are many ways you can commemorate the day with your kids while increasing their knowledge and making it enjoyable for them. 


Flag Hoisting 


How can the Independence Day celebration be completed without the hoisting of the flag? Almost everywhere in the country, flag hoisting is done on this day. Especially at historical places, state organizations, colleges, and many schools. You make your kid part of the flag hoisting at any of these places to boost their patriotism.


Dance and Song Competition 


Young kids usually love to dance and sing. Encouraging them to take part in different patriotic songs and dances can make them enjoy the day. Then can get dressed up in different blue, red, and white dressed or even get many independence days themed props for a better influence. This idea would be one of the most exciting activities for kids nowadays.


Independence Day Themed Party


The theme party would be a mind blowing idea for your kids. Make them dressed like National Leaders or Freedom Fighters. You can plan the décor of your house in the same theme with different balloons, streamers, and flags. Plan some quizzes, games, or fancy dress competitions and present the national flag as a gift to the winner. 


Patriotic Movies


It is one way to develop the importance of Independence Day by showing patriotic movies to your children, as movies can significantly impact everyone`s mind. Plan a family movie or watch it with your kids and ask them what lesson they get from the movie.


Take your Kids for Historical Walk


Plan a visit to different historical spots in your city with your kids. And ask your kid to make notes about what they learned from that place about Independence.


Organize Independence Day Quiz


Organizing a quiz for your children would be a great way to increase their knowledge effectively. You can organize it in a community area and invite some of their friends and neighbors as kids learn fast when they are with their friends.


Go Through Some Amazing Books


Well, we all know that books can be man`s best friends. If your kid loves to read books, let him visit the bookstore and let him choose a few to read. You can buy them numerous books about famous national personalities or related to freedom struggles, or any book of their choice about America. We can list a few for you.


1. America the Beautiful: A Pop up Book by Robert Sabuda 

2. How to Make a Cherry Pie and See the USA by Marjorie Price man 

3. Adele & Simon in America by Barbara McClintock

4. I Am America by Charles Smith Jr.

5. Red, White, and Boom By Lee Wardlaw

6. Happy Birthday, America by Mary Pope Osborne


Some Independence Day Craft Ideas to Try


Kids love crafting and being an artist. You can try excellent craft ideas with your kids. Like Tricolour candles, they look amazing as wall decors; tricolour badges will lend a bright look to your kid`s dress. Tricolour bookmark is a great craft to be made by kids. Paper Flowers and Pistachio shell flowers, and many more.

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